What is STIPE Game Hosting?

In short, STIPE provides the 24hr hardware and network infrastructure with a beautiful UI Control panel allowing you to play your favourite games online with your family and friends.

How easy is it to use?

As easy as a TV remote control! Your server comes pre-configured and ready to go! You can change settings or even install modpacks using our wizards. You also get unrestricted FTP and console access for as much customisation as you need. Go ahead and knock yourself out!

Can I use existing files?

Yes! You can bring your data from another provider or your single player game. We can help you with this if your not too technical or don't have a fast internet. Just contact our support team now.

Our system is pre-paid, hence the cancelling process very easy: Simply do not pay for your next invoice!

If you have an active subscription, you will need to cancel this to stop making automated payments for your invoices, otherwise just do nothing and the server will automatically close.

How to check if you have an active subscription:
  1. Go to the BILLING section of the control.
  2. You will see a large CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button, click this button and then click CONFIRM to close off the automated payments.
  3. That's it! The CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION will not be visible if you don't have any active subscriptions
  4. Note: The server may continue to run if you have existing days left, but no further payments will be taken.

Key Tips:
  1. We do not partially refund for days unused. However, if your order is during the refund guarantee period which is 5 days from purchase, we will refund fully.
  2. If you require a refund just submit a refund request through our Support Ticket system.
If you are not completely satisfied with your server, or you just change your mind, and your purchase date is within the Refund Guarantee period which is 5 days, then please contact STIPE to get your full refund. You can contact us by submitting a support ticket.

The billing system is Pre-Paid/Pay-As-You-Go and completely automated.
If you do not make your next payment, it will assume you no longer need the services and suspend on the day/hour your server expires.
During suspend phase, your server cannot be switched on until you make payment
If you do make a late payment, eg say 5 days late, you will not lose those 5 days! So the moment you resume payment, your invoice dates will update from the day you make the payment

NOTE: Your files will remain installed for 15 days, after this, they will be automatically deleted to conserve SSD disk space. We do keep extended backups for up to a month or more, but this is not guaranteed. So please make sure you make a backup before your server is suspended.

If you are having trouble with making a backup, please contact our support!
For Minecraft, to upgrade your RAM you can go to your billing section and locate the UPGRADE button. Instructions will be provided there.

For all other types of upgrades, this feature is still being constructed. So if you need more slots or servers please send a support ticket stating what you need.
We will calculate any differences owing depending on how many days you have left in the current invoice. You will simply pay that difference and away you go!

The good news is you will _NOT_ lose your current settings in your game if you upgrade. Everything will remain intact!
100% STIPE owned. We built the control panel from scratch since 2009 and even to this day we continue to add more features. The control panel is very easy to use yet has all the features you need to not only just start / stop a sever, but to customise it without even needing to FTP. (Though FTP can be used for advanced users)
The Control Panel was made 100% by us! You won't find one like it anywhere else! Many thanks goes to all members of STIPE and to our customers who have provided new ideas and assisted with the testing of the control panel over the years! We are proud to have such an amazing control panel thanks to you.
Sorry, the STIPE Control panel is currently not for sale or rent at this time. We are working on a reseller program but there is no release date as of this stage. If you are interested feel free to contact us.
Please do! Email admin@stipe.com.au and or send us a support ticket and describe the problem. One of the reasons why we host our own control panel is because we can fix it ourselves rather than having to wait for a 3rd party company to bring out a patch.
SYDNEY - NSW Australia. Not USA, Not Singapore.. Its right here in Sydney, in Global Switch Datacenter.
We do have several public and private war servers for you to test. However if you purchase a server and you're not satisfied within 5 days, we will fully refund. So there is no risk when you buy from STIPE!

You can try our test servers below:

Minecraft Java Edition IP: test.stipe.com.au Sydney, NSW
Minecraft PE (Bedrock) Edition IP: Port: 25566  Sydney, NSW
Yes! It is very easy to upgrade later and you won't lose your current settings / world. Just simply send us a support ticket stating what you need and we will upgrade for you.

Our main goal is to perform!

It's reason why STIPE started in the first place: To show other companies how to run game servers without overloading and yet still be profitable.

This would explain why we are the oldest, highly active Game Server Provider in Australia. (18 years and counting!)

Our golden rule: If all servers happen to be full at any one time, the box must NOT EVER reach more than 40% CPU. Our control panel has a special system in place to automatically stop new orders when the boxes have reached the limits. This means sometimes we can be out of stock and not take in new orders!

The 40% rule

We have a strict policy on how many servers are put in a box. By rule of thumb, no server box ever exceeds 40% of its max overall CPU. This avoids any chance of lag spikes, overloading, and bottlenecks.

About our servers:

The games run on latest custom server grade hardware. We upgrade every year to the latest tech we can get our hands on. Our servers do however run on nvme raids and with a minimum of 32 CPU Cores.

The Specs:

Budget CPU: AMD Ryzen 3950x Clocked average 4Ghz, max 4.5Ghz
Premium CPU: AMD Ryzen 5950x clocked average 4.4Ghz, max: 5Ghz
We specialise in Counter Strike GO and Minecraft games because that's what we play! We can host many other games, but we like host products that we know inside and out so we can provide the best possible service. However if you do have a custom game in mind contact us and we will see what we can do for you.
Games like Counter Strike Source and CSS GO run at 66 tick by default. However we are currently offering free upgrades to 128 Tick at this time. Just contact Support to have yourself upgraded for free.
Our boxes run all CSS and CSGO games at up to 1000fps. This FPS is SERVER Side, not CLIENT.
Yes! It is very easy to upgrade later and you won't lose your current settings / world.

For Upgrading Slots: You can change the Slots to whatever you like from the control panel! We do not charge or limit the slots!

For Upgrading RAM: Just head over to the "My Billing" or "Invoices" section and look for the Upgrade button. Follow prompts and your server will be upgraded in no time! You only pay for the remaining days you have left in the current invoice.

There are 2 types of Minecraft builds:

A powerful “Java Edition” OR the compact “Bedrock Edition” (Once known as Pocket Edition). STIPE supports both! We even have a solution where Bedrock players can join Java servers! (using GeyserMC - can be installed from Installer and Modpack section)

Java edition – This is the original version of Minecraft. It is highly customisable, you can play 1000s of modpacks and install plugins, It only works on PCs, Linux, and Mac’s

Bedrock edition – This is the compact edition, it was targeted for the remaining audience who desire to play on tablets, smartphones or consoles.

Examples of Bedrock Editions of Minecraft:

  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Consoles like: Nindento Switch, Xbox, & PS4 (Not fully compatible yet but thanks to some third-party solutions we have workarounds)
  • Phones / Tablets: Android, iPhones and iPads

Remember, the Bedrock Edition is different from the Java. You and your friends should all decide on the edition to use. We do have solutions where bedrock players can join java servers, but its in experimental and beta stages. You are welcome to try it! Contact our support team to set it up for you

Send us a ticket and we will create and provide you details to a blazing fast MySQL Server hosted on one of our local servers
There are a number of reasons for a Minecraft server to lag. Sometimes for the silliest things like a mass chicken farm, or something more complex like corruption of the world. Although it's quite rare for our server to be physically overloaded as we have several systems in place to prevent such case, it's still worth checking with us.

So whatever the case, just send us a support ticket and our professional Minecraft Server Administrators will help determine the cause.
We will help you resolve the problem so you can get back on to your gaming the way it should be!
If you've just restarted your server or your players are exploring new areas of the world, Minecraft may report high CPU and may even lag. This is a normal process, once the new world chunk is loaded Minecraft will return back to normal. Tips for larger Minecraft servers: If you're running a large 20+ public player server, you should first pre-load the area (either manually explore or use a plugin to generate) and set boundaries to prevent Minecraft from generating new chunks when your server is live. This will prevent lag for all players.
You should first note that CPU readings shown on our website are actually for your game and not the physical server itself. Minecraft is a multi-core CPU game, however there are still certain parts of the game that can't run in multiple cores, eg the Server Thread. It is important to maintain your server so your Server Thread does not reach 100% or your Minecraft will lag.

Here are the top 5 most common causes for Server Thread to overload:
  1. Too many entities! Perform Clean up - Clear up that 500 Chicken Farm
  2. You have used up your RAM - this forces the java garbage collector to work harder.
  3. Constant Exploration - Just let the world load up chunks for all players
  4. World Bug / Plugin Bug
  5. Complex Redstone circuit

How to find out the cause? Just send us a support ticket! We will put a profiler on your server which will provide all the details we need to figure out whats going on.
Yes! Our infrastructure does support BungeeCord.
You will need to purchase an extra Minecraft server to run BungeeCord. Minimum 500MB is required (0.5GB).
Support staff have limited training on BungeeCord but can assist if your stuck.
Yes! We currently support Java 8, 11 and 17 (Not to be confused for minecraft version)
You can easily change versions from a drop down list in the Express Settings section of the control panel.
Yes! Backups are made every hour and can be restored through the [Backups and Database] section of the control panel.

Please note: Depending on your plan your backups are stored for a specific period of time before it is deleted. Budget is normally up to a month, while Premium can last longer of up to 6 months WHILE the billing plan is active

Once your server is suspended, backups may be deleted at any time after 15 days. Please ensure you download a backup of your files via FTP or File Manager before your server is suspended. We can generally assist with backup copies 15 days after it is suspended, however beyond this time is not guranteed.
As per TOS and while great care is taken, we cannot be held responsible for missing backups nor the loss or theft of your original data
Yes, both DynMap and BlueMap is supported. Its also automatically configured for you upon install. Just restart server twice.

We also support custom domains for DynMap and BlueMap, contact support for assistance
Yes, Voice Chat Proxy is supported. Simply install and restart server twice and it will be automatically configured for you!
We do offer sponsorships. However at this time all spots are taken. Most of the clans we sponsor are usually customers that have stayed with us for a long time and are doing well in the gaming industry. Having said that you are not guaranteed a sponsorship position if you rent a server with STIPE. Unfortunately we have to be quite selective as we get sponsorship requests every 5 hours (no joke)
We do not provide web hosting at this time.

Our previous prize Winners:
August 2017 Prize Run! - Winner: ocelot - Prize: Crosair VOID 7.1 USB Headphones!

There are no active prizes for offer at this time, if there is, it will be updated here and you will get a pop-up in the MY SERVERS section