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About STIPE Servers

The STIPE Community started as a gaming Clan in 1998. Game Server hosting at that time was fairly new and undeveloped. The prices and quality of the servers were shocking - A small 10 player server would cost around $80 a month and even at this price it would perform horribly with constant lag, network down times, and no support. There were very few Game Server providers at the time and many would last for only a few months and then vanish without a trace.

Getting nowhere with hosting providers, STIPE Community decided to invest in their own dedicated server. Having a few computer geeks and Software Engineers in the community, we were able to calculate the correct type of server and network needed to run a smooth server. With intense hardware and network testing from multiple upstream providers, we were finally able to find the perfect solution for hosting our game server. From day one of being live our servers were FULL with players waiting in line to get in! A huge success! Many other gaming clans and communities wanted our solution and even offered considerable amount of money. Initially, our goal was simply for display purposes and there were no plans to be an actual company or make profits. We didn't even have a control panel and monitored and assisted customers through a spreadsheet! :) However as time passed more communities wanted our servers so we continued to develop our own control panel and billing system. It is now to the point where we have become the oldest and most successful Game Server Host in Australia. Since 1998 our goals remained the same: Performance, Support and Reliability.
Your community is safe with STIPE.

Information for Parents - Minecraft

Kid Control – How You Can Help Your Child Be The Master of Minecraft

Parents, we understand what it’s like to live with a Minecraft gamer kid. You’ve seen the educational value and creative spirit that the world of Minecraft offers to players, but you’re concerned about gaming safety. You want your gamer kid to be an explorer, but you worry about Creepers of the human persuasion finding their way into your child’s Minecraft world.

People across all demographics are captivated by Minecraft. Gamers are young and old, male and female, novice and experienced.  Your gamer kid has probably asked you to let him/her join a public Minecraft server in order to broaden the gaming experience. You might be enticed, because free Minecraft servers are readily available and cost nothing. It’s one of the cool features about joining a public Minecraft server. Your little gamer connects with like-minded gamers across the globe to explore and build a world of their own making. Too often though, kids end up bumping into players who don’t have the best intentions. Your child can easily become an unwanted recipient of adult content while playing Minecraft. As a parent, you want to protect your child from the profanity, sex, drugs, and violence of the unfiltered, unadulterated Minecraft world. You also want to encourage your child’s creativity and interests. This is a dilemma!

STIPE has the solution! Empower your gamer kid with his/her own private Minecraft server.  Your child can be the Master of Minecraft, and there is nothing you need to do but click here to make it happen. STIPE handles the tech side of your child’s personal Minecraft server. We install it, configure it, and maintain it. Your gamer kid gets to have all the fun, and as a parent, you get peace of mind.

No longer will your child ask to join public Minecraft servers. Your little gamer can invite friends and family to join his/her private Minecraft server. It’s your kid’s world, and he/she makes the rules. We’ve got your back if any problems arise. STIPE offers around-the-clock technical support and a generous Money Back Guarantee if you and your gamer are not satisfied with your private Minecraft server.

Parents, we know that household budgets are sometimes tight, and it’s easier and cheaper for your gamer to play on a free Minecraft server. However, can you put a price on your child’s gaming safety and privacy? At STIPE, we offer an affordable plan that enhances your child’s Minecraft experience. We keep your little gamer safe while providing the Minecraft mods and features that your kid loves.

Are you ready to empower your gamer?