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News and Updates / Minecraft 1.19.1 released!
« on: 28 July 2022, 09:32:58 »
Minecraft 1.19.1 has been released

This update is mostly bug fixes and a new player reporting tool to help tackle certain types of abusive players.

STIPE Customers should follow our update guide to Minecraft 1.19.1

Update is required for Minecraft Java editions, however the update on Bedrock is optional and may still play on older server release.

News and Updates / Happy New Year 2022!
« on: 01 January 2022, 08:32:55 »
STIPE wishes you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and New Year!

As we look back to our achievements and challenges, 2021 has highlighted to be one of our most challenging yet achieving year since the start of the company. With the increased demand of server hosting not just in quantity, but also in performance, required us perform a complete overhaul of our infrastructure while yet managing though the infamous chip shortage, Covid-19 lockdowns, postage delays and supply-chain issues.

Above all we thank you, our customers, for on-going trust in STIPE Servers Australia and look forward to a wonderful 2022.

- STIPE Servers Australia Team

Minecraft / Kill entities in server
« on: 19 July 2021, 08:49:11 »
Did you accidently spawn a million cats? Farm out of control and now need to clean it up?
Sometimes you need to remove a large amount of entities which have taken over your world. Removing one by one can be difficult so here are commands you can type in-game (as an op) or in the console of the control panel

For Minecraft 1.13 or greater (1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18)

Kill all sheep:
Code: [Select]
/kill @e[type=sheep]
Kill all cows:
Code: [Select]
/kill @e[type=cow]
Kill everything but players:
Code: [Select]
/kill @e[type=!player]
Kill everything but players and items (like armor stands)
Code: [Select]
/kill @e[type=!player,type=!item]
Kill everything but players, items, and villagers
Code: [Select]
/kill @e[type=!player,type=!item,type=!villager]
NOTE: If you are typing the above in the console, type it without the / in the start

Some minor updates:
Added 2 domains which can be used for connecting to your minecraft server

Our Custom CurseForge installer now supports modpacks created for Fabric servers (previously only Forge was supported, now both are).  Any modpacks you create using CurseForge can be installed with ease regardless if Forge or Fabric!

News and Updates / Major server upgrades 5950x and more!
« on: 08 July 2021, 12:14:19 »
Our biggest server overhaul is here!

Update 26/10/2021:
100% of Premium and Budget customers have been upgraded to Ryzen 5950x / 3950x & EPYC 7443 servers.

Making STIPE Servers Australia the largest supplier of the Fastest Minecraft server host in the southern hemisphere!   :D

Update 27/09/2021:
95% of Premium and Budget customers have been upgraded to Ryzen 5950x / 3950x & EPYC 7443 servers. We expect 100% in less than 2 weeks!

Updated 25/08/2021:
We now have multiple Ryzen 5950x running live with exceptional results! These premium servers pack a punch and over the next month we will have merged all existing premium customers to this amazing CPU!

Also big news for budget plan customers: You'll will be happy to know we are in the process of upgrading your CPUs with the new AMD EPYC 3rd Gen CPUs and ex-premium 3950x over the next few weeks! These may not be as powerful as 5950x but far better than current CPUs.

And as always, no overloading and no over crowding. Both Budget and Premium clients have their own dedicated resources for guaranteed 100% disruption free gaming!

Minecraft / Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs P1 is out!
« on: 01 June 2021, 15:22:02 »
Customers: If you need to update, please see this tutorial

Minecraft 1.17 Part 1 Release Dates:
  • Java Vanilla Edition - RELEASED!
  • Java Spigot - RELEASED!
  • Java Spigot PaperMC - RELEASED!
  • Bedrock Vanilla Edition - RELEASED!
  • Java+Bedrock Combo Edition - RELEASED!

Part 1 of Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update has finally been released!

The first of a two-part release, has three new mobs and up to 91 new blocks and much more. Although this release doesn't appear to have many features when compared to the part 2 of the release which is ETA around end of this year, it does however have technical changes in the core development which allows for an easier transition into part 2. It's even deployed on a new Java version which hasn't been done for years! (Java 8 will no longer be supported)

STIPE Servers have been thoroughly testing the upcoming update. The new version is higher demanding than all of its previous releases but we are pleased to announce we have updated both hardware and software to ensure not only high compatibility and stability, but also performance.

More information:

This version will be released on both Java and Bedrock editions. We will also support Cross Platform GeyserMC allowing Bedrock clients to join Java servers but expect some delays as we wait for its release. Customers should note that Spigot may also have a delayed release so if you rely on plugins, expect to wait a few hours or days.

If you are having issues with your duplicator, this may be because you have Spigot PaperMC installed and hence the piston duplication is set to false by default. You need to enable this to true.

Go to Paper MC config file and change
allow-piston-duplication: true

NOTE, for Minecraft 1.19+ PaperMC have relocated their paper config file.

For Minecraft Paper Spi-got v1.19+

  • Go to Control panel --> File Manger section
  • Look for config/paper-global.yml file and edit it
  • NOTE: This file is very sensitive to spaces. Don't add an extra space or line anywhere or it will break
  • Look for: allow-piston-duplication: false and change the false part to true. (Careful not to add any extra spaces)

  • Save the file by clicking on the Save button
  • Restart server and your duplicator will work!

For Minecraft Paper Spi-got v1.18 or less

  • Go to Control panel --> File Manger section
  • Look for paper.yml file and edit it
  • NOTE: This file is very sensitive to spaces. Don't add an extra space or line anywhere or it will break

  • Look for: allow-piston-duplication: false and change the false part to true. (Careful not to add any extra spaces)

  • Save the file by clicking on the Save button
  • Restart server and your duplicator will work!

News and Updates / Our Ryzen 9 5900x CPUs now live!
« on: 27 May 2021, 17:49:52 »
Just when you thought it can't get better than Ryzen 9 3950x, we've gone ahead and added the new Ryzen 9 5900x CPUs!

More players, more entities, more world generation, more everything!

Available under our premium plans.

Our servers now run Java 16 enabling the use of latest snapshot release of Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. (21W19A Snapshot)

Note that some older versions of minecraft builds like Forge modpacks may not be compatible with Java 16, so we recommend that you continue to use the older versions.

You can change Java versions any time from Control Panel --> Settings --> Express Settings --> Java Version section of the control panel

Minecraft comes with several game modes. The most popular ones are Survival and Creative.

NOTE: You can initially set the server game mode from either the file, Express Settings section, or using the defaultgamemode command. Once players join however, any changes you make in the settings will not apply to those existing players (except new players). You will need to use the gamemode command instead to make changes to existing players.

You can enter commands from In-Game with Ops permission, or via the Console section of the control panel.

To set everyone to Survival:
Code: [Select]
In-game: /gamemode survival
Console: gamemode survival

To set everyone to Creative:
Code: [Select]
In-game: /gamemode creative
Console: gamemode creative

To set only a single player:
If player name is "bob123"
Code: [Select]
In-game: /gamemode creative bob123
Console: gamemode creative bob123

NOTE: The commands above are case sensitive make sure you enter as above (lowercase)

Here are all possible game modes (As vanilla):

  • survival - standard mode of play, craft and collect blocks from the world, take damage and upon death drops all items.
  • creative - unlimited blocks, unlimited items, unlimted health, instant break any blocks, and you can fly
  • adventure - similar to survival, but can't break and modify blocks without the correct permissions. Best for exploration purposes
  • hardcore - survival mode but with difficulty set to hard mode. Once player dies, he cannot respawn in that world. Must start a new world
  • spectator - player cannot interact with the world. Only watch and fly through anywhere. Other mode players cannot see spectators.

Minecraft / How to: Update Minecraft Bedrock to latest version
« on: 07 April 2021, 14:45:52 »
Unable to join your Bedrock server anymore? It might still be on the older version.
Here is how you can check and update:

  • In the control panel page, stop your server
  • Click Settings and go to the Installer and Modpack section
  • Search for Bedrock
  • To confirm you need to update, look for the previous version of Bedrock (See image below for example) If you see that previous version is installed, proceed to next step.

  • Now click INSTALL for the latest version
  • To continue playing your existing world, select UPDATE Existing

  • Done! Restart server and play!

Quick updates and notices / New Domain:
« on: 05 April 2021, 10:07:05 »
We have now added a new domain for you to use as your server address:

(Change the anything part to what you like)

You can use it to set your server address and soon will be ready for setting dynmap addresses

Quick updates and notices / New Feature: CurseForge Installer
« on: 31 January 2021, 11:52:59 »
Made your own modpack via CurseForge? Found a CurseForge modpack with no server files?

We now have an automated CurseForge Installer. It will take any CurseForge modpack created by you or any publisher and convert it to server! All you have to do is upload the export file of the modpack and let it take care of the rest!

See CurgeForge Installer section in the control panel for more details.

News and Updates / Our 10th Ryzen 3950x monster box now installed!
« on: 15 January 2021, 17:28:16 »
Due to overwhelming demand of our premium servers, we have now just installed our 10th Ryzen 3950x Server box!

These servers pack a punch! Our greatest gaming server builds yet and the results show.  We thank all our customers for your wonderful feedback.

But it doesn't stop there, we have many more on the way! (Along with the new AMD Ryzen 9 5900X servers which surpasses the monster AMX Ryzen 9 3950x)

Quick updates and notices / Time zone feature added
« on: 06 January 2021, 17:29:46 »
We have now added Timezone feature in the control panel

Go to EXPRESS SETTINGS section of the control panel, scroll down to Timezone, set the timezone you like, for example Australia/Perth and click APPLY

Restart server

Tweak Tip:

For large servers consisting of 15 consecutive players or more, it is advisable to create a world border and optionally fill inside the border of pre-generated chunks. (See plugin link at bottom)

This prevents players from exploring too far, forcing new chunks to generate and cause a momentary lag. However, the downside of pre-generating worlds is the large amount of disk space consumption it can take. While STIPE has no limits on disk space, we advise not to grow your minecraft world too big as it makes it difficult to make backups for yourself and via our own backup systems.

Ideally, we recommend not to let your world grow more than 1GB per every 15 players online at the same time.

Here is an example of how large the storage size of your world becomes when you pre-generate.

l   w      
5000x5000    =1.6    GB  (recommended max size or less)
10000x10000    =6.4    GB
15000x15000    =14    GB (not recommended beyond this point)
20000x20000    =25    GB
25000x25000    =38    GB
30000x30000    =55    GB
35000x35000    =75    GB
40000x40000    =99    GB
45000x45000    =125   GB
50000x50000    =154   GB
55000x55000    =186   GB
60000x60000    =221   GB

Plugin you can use to create and pre-generate:
WorldBorder -

World Border - 1.15, 1.16



GeyserMC and Foodgate now have a built-in whitelist feature. Hence a 3rd party plugin is no longer required

If you are using JAVA+BEDROCK Combo (Geyser), as Bedrock does not have same UUID capability as Java edition, the vanilla Java whitelist functionality which comes built-in with minecraft will not work with bedrock players.

So you should leave default whitelist feature off or no bedrock players will be able to join. Instead, you will need to use a plugin that can handle this for both Java and Bedrock.

We provide EasyWhitelist as part of the Geyser package which you can enable and use. But you can use whatever one you like.

1. Turn off Vanilla Whitelist
2. Do /easywl add <Your Name>
3. Turn on whitelist: /easywl on


Example Commands to type in CONSOLE section of the control panel:

To add player to whitelist for JAVA players:
easywl add playername

To add player to whitelist for BEDROCK players:
easywl add .playername   (Note the dot in front of the name)

Example: If the player is joining from a Bedrock edition, and his player name is: steve
Command would be:
easywl add .steve

More information about EasyWhitelist:

News and Updates / Happy 2021!
« on: 01 January 2021, 00:11:21 »
Happy new year!

Stay safe and look forward to another great year!

Love from the people of STIPE Servers Australia.

News and Updates / Minecraft 1.16.4 update released
« on: 03 November 2020, 08:45:47 »
A small update, Minecraft 1.16.4 has been released including an update for Bedrock edition.

Spigot is ready but still waiting on PaperMC

This is the final release of Minecraft 1.16 before the next major release!

News and Updates / Updates, updates and more updates!
« on: 05 October 2020, 13:39:05 »
Minecraft has never been so popular over the past 6 months during tough COVID-19 times and we've had our hands full just trying to keep up with the demand! Our devs and support team have also been busy working on updates and features for you.

More Modpacks: Last month we've added more than 60 new modpacks (and updated just over 220 modpacks) from Twitch/CurseForge, AtLauncher and FeedTheBeast. We continue to add more packs as requested by our customers!

UI Improvements: We are constantly improving the control panel interface. Along with improved mobile phone and tablet support. While still not perfect, we are adding more improvements over the next few weeks so you can control, monitor and maintain your server from the comfort of your phone.

Hardware Improvements: One of our biggest achievements for this year is upgrading of our entire server infrastructure. With the introduction of our budget and premium servers, running one of the fastest + highest core CPU combo for a Minecraft server (AMD Ryzen 9 3950x), we've never seen such amazing results and feedback from our customers. We are proud to be the only Minecraft provider in Australia running such powerful CPUs

More updates to come, stay safe!

News and Updates / Minecraft 1.16.3 update released.
« on: 11 September 2020, 13:09:26 »
A small update, Minecraft 1.16.3 has been released including an update for Bedrock edition. (All Plugin builds such as Spigot are ready too!)

Updates include:

  • Giving an item and a gold ingot to a Baby Piglin and killing it no longer duplicates the item
  • Pathfinding for Piglins, Piglin Brutes, Hoglins and Zoglins has been fixed and they can now correctly navigate to the player when attacking

Here's how you get your PS4 or XBOX to connect to your server.

Server Requirements:
Your server must be running the latest Bedrock edition of Minecraft or latest Java edition with Hybird Bedrock plugin installed (GeyserMC)

Examples of server editions which can work:
Minecraft Bedrock (Mojang Vanilla)
Spi-Got CraftBukkit + GeyserMC & Floodgate Plugin (Contact us to help you set this up)

Examples of server editions which will NOT work:
Java Forge based Modpacks
Minecraft Java (Vanilla)
Anything else not mentioned above will probably not work.

Client Requirements:
Currently PS4 and XBOX do not offer direct connection to online hosted minecraft servers, yet. So additional steps are required to get around this (Mojang are working on it and hopefully in the near future these steps can be skipped)

For a PS4 or XBOX to connect, the client's home network will need to have a proxy server running that will act as a local LAN server but in reality it is just redirecting data to your online hosted minecraft server. This proxy server must run on the same network as the PS4 or XBOX device.

This might sound complex, but we have come up with 2 different solutions which we believe are the easiest and quickest.

Solution 1 - very easy method: Run an App on Android/IOS Phone (About $4 to purchase, free trial)
Solution 2 - easy to moderate: Run a Software on PC/MAC (FREE)

Solution 1:
We have tested this for Android devices and it works well. This can drain power fast so we recommend plugging in when playing.

Now go to the final step.

Solution 2:
This requires you to install a 3rd party software called Phantom. This software is open source and from our tests, works great.

Easy method:
Contact our STIPE support team and we will provide you a pre-configured phantom file for your server. You or your friends will just need to extract and double click the run_me.bat file and away you go!

Self Method:
This is how you can manually download, configure and run the phantom app:
  • Download Phantom Software: Click on Download and click on the latest version. Download the edition for your PC. For example if you are running Windows 10, download phantom-windows.exe
  • Extract the files to a folder on your PC
  • There is no GUI for this application so simply starting it will not work. It needs to be started through a command prompt. However we recommend creating a bat file and launching from there.
  • In the same folder where your phantom files are, create a text file and edit it
  • In the text file, add the line: phantom-windows.exe -server {server_IP}:{port}
    (Note: Replace the {server_IP}:{port} with your actual server ip and port found in the control panel, example:
    phantom-windows.exe -server
  • Save the file, and rename it to run_me.bat
  • Double click the file and you should see command prompt pop up with phantom running

Final Step:
Once you have either one of the solutions running above, go to your PS4 or XBOX, start Minecraft, go to FRIENDS tab and you should see your server in the list. Join and play!

Minecraft / How to install Fabric Loader and mods.
« on: 19 August 2020, 13:26:18 »
Here is a quick tutorial on how to install Fabric Loader on your server manually. If you have any issues contact support and we can install it for you.

REMEMBER: Both the CLIENT and SERVER need to have the same version of fabric and mods for it to work.

  • Download the Installer for Fabric Loader -

  • Install Fabric Server Files on your PC
    • Select Server Tab
    • Choose the version you want
    • Choose a easy to get to location
    • Click Install

  • Make sure you also download the server jar file

  • OPTIONAL Recommended Step: Create fabric server a new server profile.
    Before uploading the files, we recommend you create a blank server profile.
    • Go to Advanced Settings
    • Name a profile name and click Create

    • Don't forget to ACTIVATE the profile

  • Upload the fabric server installed files to your server
    • On the Control Panel, open FILE MANAGER
    • On your PC, open the folder of where you installed fabric files
    • Simply drag and drop the fabric files to FILE MANAGER (Don't forget the libraries folder!)

  • Activate Fabric JAR execute file
    • On the control panel, go to EXPRESS SETTINGS
    • Scroll down to where it says "Jar File Execute"
    • Select "fabric-server-launch.jar"
    • Also ensure JAVA 17 is selected if you are using Minecraft 1.17+, otherwise choose Java 8 for older versions
    • Click APPLY to save setting
    • Now restart your server!

How to Upload Fabric Mods:
This is the same way as uploading plugins or mod.

Minecraft / The GeyserMC Solution, a JAVA+BEDROCK Hybird
« on: 19 August 2020, 08:29:17 »

Under normal circumstances, it is not possible for Bedrock players and Java players to play on the same server. However thanks to an amazing plugin called GeyserMC, it is now possible to allow Bedrock players to join a java server!
It works by using clever translation of network data.  Without bedrock client even knowing its joining a java server.

The Result? Both players from Bedrock and Java editions can interact and play. GeyserMC has taken over many other Bedrock server emulators as it allows standard Java Spigot/Bukkit plugins to be used. It is stable and constantly updated.

We at STIPE Servers Australia fully support this plugin and have implemented it into the control panel for you to install (You can find it in the Installer and Modpacks section. Just install, restart server twice, and everything is set to go)

Things you should know:
  • GeyserMC does not work with Forge/Fabric modpacks, as modpacks require both client and server modifications, it is not possible to modify bedrock to that extent
  • For PlayStation/XBOX, currently there is no functionality to directly connect to a custom server over the internet. However, players can install a special Minecraft proxy app which will allow direct connection to your server. The free app (called Phantom MC) can be installed on any PC/MAC/Linux device and must be on the same network as the PlayStation/XBOX. (There is also an Android app available for purchase) For more information see: Allowing PS/XBOX to join my server.
  • For Nintendo Switch, currently there is no functionality to directly connect to a custom server over the internet. By modifying some DNS Network settings on the device, it can be used to join a custom stipe server. See: Allowing Nintendo Switch to join my server.
  • To avoid character name conflicts all bedrock players join with a dot . in front of their name. Donít forget to type in the dot when entering any commands based on the player.
  • For bedrock clients and whitelisting:  If you are planning to whitelist your server you need to first allow any bedrock player to join while the server is not whitelisted, it will create IDs for each bedrock player and you may then activate whitelist and use the console command: whitelist add .playername to whitelist players as per normal.

How to install Bedrock + Java Combo Edition (for STIPE Customers)
Before starting this step, we recommend that you create a new server install profile. But if you want to upgrade your existing java vanilla/spigot server, then you can skip creation of new Server Install.
Step 1) Once you have created a new server install profile, or decided to keep existing, go to Installer and Modpack section
Step 2) Look for Plugin - GeyserMC Java & Bedrock
Step 3) Click INSTALL
Step 4) Restart server, wait for it to start so that it generates all config files (Give it 1 min)
Step 5) Important: Restart server again!, our systems will automatically configure the config files for you on second restart.
Step 6) Go to Express Settings, make note of the server address for JAVA edition players and the IP/Port for Bedrock edition players. Join and have fun!

Minecraft / How to: Update Java+Bedrock Hybird (GeyserMC)
« on: 12 August 2020, 22:16:43 »
Have Java+Bedrock Hybird (GeyserMC) Installed and can't connect via Bedrock client?
You may need to update to latest version, follow the steps below

  • Stop server and go to Installer and Modpacks section.
  • Search for GeyserMC Floodgate Old or click Bedrock button and check to see if it is installed (See image below). If it is installed, follow the next step
  • Now click INSTALL for GeyserMC Floodgate Updater
  • IMPORTANT STEP: Restart server - give it 2 mins, RESTART server again

Minecraft 1.16.2 Minor Update Released

Java Edition 1.16.2 is a minor update which adds piglin brutes, experimental support for custom biomes, and fixes bugs.
Bedrock edition 1.16.20, also updated, adds piglin brutes, as well as changes to sounds, block behaviours, technical changes, and bug fixes.

Please note, currently only Vanilla editions have been released. We are still waiting for Spigot for Java and Bedrock editions. For the time being, try not to update your clients until Spigot is released.

Edit: Beta update for Spigot 1.16.2 has now been released. Still waiting on PaperMC

Minecraft / How do I reset Nether and/or The End worlds
« on: 27 June 2020, 16:59:29 »
How to reset Nether:
Summary: Delete the DIM-1 folder in your world folder.

1) STOP Server
3) Go to your world folder (if your world name is highfive, then look for a folder name called highfive and go in that)
4) Delete the DIM-1 folder
5) Start Server

1) STOP Server
3) Look for the world_nether folder (if your world name is highfive, then look for a folder name called highfive_nether and go in that)
4) Delete the DIM-1 folder located inside the world_nether or just delete the whole world_nether folder
5) Start Server

How to Reset The End:
Summary: Delete the DIM1 folder in your world folder.

1) STOP Server
3) Go to your world folder (if your world name is highfive, then look for a folder name called highfive and go in that)
4) Delete the DIM1 folder
5) Start Server

1) STOP Server
3) Look for the world_the_end folder (if your world name is highfive, then look for a folder name called highfive_the_end and go in that)
4) Delete the DIM1 folder located inside the world_the_end or just delete the whole world_the_end folder
5) Start Server

News and Updates / Minecraft 1.16: The Nether update is HERE!
« on: 23 June 2020, 23:17:29 »
Great news! Minecraft 1.16 The Nether Update is finally here and ready to go from your favorite Minecraft server hosting provider, STIPE Servers!

Try it out now! To upgrade from an older version, see

News and Updates / Our new Ultra Premium Servers are here!
« on: 05 May 2020, 08:27:15 »
Our Ultra Premium servers have finally arrived! Possibly the most powerful Minecraft servers in the world!

These are monster Ryzen CPUs AMD Ryzen 9 3950X clocked to 4.8Ghz!

These CPUs have powerful single core power, perfect for those who want more entities on the field and lag free world generation! (Like found in hardcore modes of RLCraft and MC Eternal modpacks)

And thanks to its impressive 16-core processors, it means that you get dedicated cores of your own! So you're always getting max power every time! (Unlike other providers who can't guarantee this!)

News and Updates / Bedrock edition update
« on: 17 April 2020, 09:15:47 »
There is a protocol update for the latest release Bedrock edition. This means older versions of the server can no longer connect.

Bedrock - Mojang Vanilla - use the Plugins and Modpack section to install the latest version
Bedrock - PocketMine - No release yet, but you can install MultiProtocol plugin which will allow players to join for now. (Contact us for assistance)
Bedrock - NukkitX - use the Plugins and Modpack section to install the latest version

We can help update your client! Just contact us!

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