Author Topic: Reduce lag with borders and pre-generating world (Larger servers)  (Read 92 times)


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Tweak Tip:

For large servers consisting of 15 consecutive players or more, it is advisable to create a world border and optionally fill inside the border of pre-generated chunks. (See plugin link at bottom)

This prevents players from exploring too far, forcing new chunks to generate and cause a momentary lag. However, the downside of pre-generating worlds is the large amount of disk space consumption it can take. While STIPE has no limits on disk space, we advise not to grow your minecraft world too big as it makes it difficult to make backups for yourself and via our own backup systems.

Ideally, we recommend not to let your world grow more than 1GB per every 15 players online at the same time.

Here is an example of how large the storage size of your world becomes when you pre-generate.

l   w      
5000x5000    =1,686    GB  (recommended max size or less)
10000x10000    =6,420    GB
15000x15000    =14,206    GB (not recommended beyond this point)
20000x20000    =25,043    GB
25000x25000    =38,932    GB
30000x30000    =55,873    GB
35000x35000    =75,866    GB
40000x40000    =98,910    GB
45000x45000    =125,006   GB
50000x50000    =154,154   GB
55000x55000    =186,354   GB
60000x60000    =221,606   GB

Plugin you can use to create and pre-generate:
WorldBorder -
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