Author Topic: How to connect PS4 or XBOX players to your Minecraft server  (Read 7232 times)


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How to connect PS4 or XBOX players to your Minecraft server
« on: 03 September 2020, 08:55:11 »
Here's how you get your PS4 or XBOX to connect to your server.

Server Requirements:
Your server must be running the latest Bedrock edition of Minecraft or latest Java edition with Hybird Bedrock plugin installed (GeyserMC)

Examples of server editions which can work:
Minecraft Bedrock (Mojang Vanilla)
Spi-Got CraftBukkit + GeyserMC & Floodgate Plugin (Contact us to help you set this up)

Examples of server editions which will NOT work:
Java Forge based Modpacks
Minecraft Java (Vanilla)
Anything else not mentioned above will probably not work.

Client Requirements:
Currently PS4 and XBOX do not offer direct connection to online hosted minecraft servers, yet. So additional steps are required to get around this (Mojang are working on it and hopefully in the near future these steps can be skipped)

For a PS4 or XBOX to connect, the client's home network will need to have a proxy server running that will act as a local LAN server but in reality it is just redirecting data to your online hosted minecraft server. This proxy server must run on the same network as the PS4 or XBOX device.

This might sound complex, but we have come up with 2 different solutions which we believe are the easiest and quickest.

Solution 1 - very easy method: Run an App on Android/IOS Phone (About $4 to purchase, free trial)
Solution 2 - easy to moderate: Run a Software on PC/MAC (FREE)

Solution 1:
We have tested this for Android devices and it works well. This can drain power fast so we recommend plugging in when playing.

Now go to the final step.

Solution 2:
This requires you to install a 3rd party software called Phantom. This software is open source and from our tests, works great.

Easy method:
Contact our STIPE support team and we will provide you a pre-configured phantom file for your server. You or your friends will just need to extract and double click the run_me.bat file and away you go!

Self Method:
This is how you can manually download, configure and run the phantom app:
  • Download Phantom Software: Click on Download and click on the latest version. Download the edition for your PC. For example if you are running Windows 10, download phantom-windows.exe
  • Extract the files to a folder on your PC
  • There is no GUI for this application so simply starting it will not work. It needs to be started through a command prompt. However we recommend creating a bat file and launching from there.
  • In the same folder where your phantom files are, create a text file and edit it
  • In the text file, add the line: phantom-windows.exe -server {server_IP}:{port}
    (Note: Replace the {server_IP}:{port} with your actual server ip and port found in the control panel, example:
    phantom-windows.exe -server
  • Save the file, and rename it to run_me.bat
  • Double click the file and you should see command prompt pop up with phantom running

Final Step:
Once you have either one of the solutions running above, go to your PS4 or XBOX, start Minecraft, go to FRIENDS tab and you should see your server in the list. Join and play!
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