Author Topic: Installing a Forge Server manually  (Read 3105 times)


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Installing a Forge Server manually
« on: 10 September 2016, 09:32:43 »
Although we have common Forge versions in the ADDONS and PLUGINS which you can install with just a click, there are times when you want to install a custom version which may not be listed.

This tutorial covers how to manually install Forge on a server.

Summary: You need to install forge server files on your PC and then upload those files to the server.

1) Download Forge Installer on your PC
Go to forge website: and select the version and build you want and click the Installer (Or installer-win)

*don't upload this installer file on to the server! It won't work like that!*

2) Run the downloaded file on your PC - What you'll see is another downloader/installer program. This will actually download the forge server files for you on to your PC.

3) Install Server files - After running the program select: INSTALL SERVER and then change the install path to a easily accessible location. Don't use the default!
Click on

Give it some time to download the server files.

4) Find the installed server files

5)  Upload the files! On STIPE Control Panel, go to File Manager section to see your current server files, clean up if necessary. Now drag in the server files you installed from your PC to the File Manager on the website. It will upload all files and folders you dragged.

8) Finally, go back to the control panel and change the server JAR startup file to the forge jar file you uploaded.

In this case, I will change it to:

9) Start up server!

10) Now you can stop server and upload your custom mods in the mods folder! Happy Crafting!

Feels like too much to handle? Just give us a yell in the support section and we can install it for you!
OR the version you are looking for might already be in the ADDONS and PLUGINS section. Just install with a CLICK!
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