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« on: 10 December 2015, 23:30:33 »
New Server. well kind of. this server was originally on another Host which in turns really pissed me off so i decided to move to Stipe, exactly a day ago. already fallen in love with this host. far better than my old one. This server is near its completion and is ready to begin its journey to becoming public server. The server is currently Factions and Creative, i am hoping to add more servers in the near future if i am able to get the support from the community. I am always welcoming new players, the more the merrier. I dont expect this server to be the best server but, as a community, i feel that a server shouldnt be run by its Owner, but the whole server, the players, the staff all should play a part in how a server runs. i am always welcoming new ideas from other people. This server itself has been built off from ideas, i initially intended this server to be a private server, running from a host but the support my staff and members gave me has been overwhelming. They asked me to make it public, well here i am, right here, right now, advertising my server on the number 1 host..Stipe

as an owner of TCraft, i would like to welcome you all to a new server,

(so you all do know, the server is coming to its final stages of completion. spawns are not yet finished and are little unfinished but still playable.)

hope to see you all there, i am always online, everyday!


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Re: TCraft
« Reply #1 on: 23 March 2016, 21:13:04 »
For any players that want to join i just want to tell you the server has shut down :O