Author Topic: Out with the Bukkit, in with the Sponge  (Read 2761 times)


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Out with the Bukkit, in with the Sponge
« on: 18 September 2014, 11:10:15 »
A lot has happened with Minecraft in the last 3 weeks. I'm sure you may have heard that Microsoft bought Mojang, and just before that, bukkit ceases its development due to a complicated conflict.

There had been some uncertainty about how that would impact the community however as it is Microsoft's best interest to keep Minecraft as it was: A community driven game. With that, many developers and communities are starting to relax and get back to gaming and continue development.

Now that bukkit is gone, a new community project has already started to replace it! Some Ex-Bukkit developers have moved over to this new project called Sponge. A new API for Minecraft! The project is still very new, however the the lead members of the project are no other than the makers of World Edit, World Guard and MCPC+ / Claudron!

We will keep you updated as news comes through. Sponge Website
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