Author Topic: STIPE SERVER EPICNESS  (Read 3121 times)

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« on: 07 February 2014, 06:07:47 »
Just got a stipe server for minecraft!!! 

got some cool plugins "we're still trying to find some cool plugins"

If you would like to maybe come build and talk to us on the server you are more than welcome

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« Reply #1 on: 11 April 2014, 23:17:59 »
Hi Whincup,

I have just got a stipe sever too, although it will probably take me quite a while to get it setup properly as I have lost all the worlds from my last server. I am just playing around with a few new plugins at the moment to see I I want to include them in my arsenal and then I will reset the map and get seriously into the config and setup, if you want to jump on sometime it address is (although there is nothing to see there at the moment and probably not for a few weeks yet).

I have had a quick look around your server, i notice it has a few of my favorite plugins :) (mcmmo for one).

A handy plugin you might like to add (although with restricted access, not everyone should have access) is log block, it is a very powerful and useful tool for server administration. grief investigation and grief prevention (you can roll back a players griefing as though it never happened). you just need the helpful stipe staff to creat a mysql database to connect it to and off you go.