Author Topic: GIANT AND BIG Offline for quick updates  (Read 2727 times)


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GIANT AND BIG Offline for quick updates
« on: 26 April 2011, 15:23:11 »

We would like to apologise for the double downtime today.
The first downtime consisted of an emergency update to the server power system.
The second downtime consisted of us testing that update and to our surprise the power system works a little too good causing all the upgraded servers to reboot.
We will work on this power system for later in the morning.
Once again we apologise for the series of downtimes as of late. We will ensure this does not happen again anytime soon.

There is a new MINECRAFT CRAFTBUKKIT RELEASE!! Its the offical release, please shut your server, make your way to the ADDONS section and hit INSTALL For CRAFTBUKKIT Build 733
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