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Title: Backup upgrade!
Post by: crazy on 06 September 2018, 23:27:14
Currently customers on the linux system have to request for restorations via our support team. We understand this can be tedious for some customers who want to trial and error and need to keep asking for restorations over and over.

We are happy to announce that backup systems have been upgraded to allow full control to the customer! You can now perform self-service restorations to any given hour!

From our current test's the restorations are blazing fast and stable! We TNT'd up a very large world, and then restored it back to the way it was in just 13 seconds!

More updates to come!

Title: Re: Backup upgrade!
Post by: TechMan on 07 September 2018, 21:31:39
Yes! perfect update, all the times I need to go back. Stipe always making great updates!