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Title: Uploading your single player world.
Post by: crazy on 30 December 2014, 10:17:31
How to upload your Minecraft world (That you may have made in single player) into your multiplayer server:

1) Get to your Minecraft world folder on your PC/MAC

a) Open Minecraft Launcher
b) Click [LAUNCH OPTIONS] Button
c) Click on the Minecraft Build which has your world.
d) Click on the green arrow for Game Directory.

This will open a file viewer that will show your minecraft game files.



d) Navigate to your World folder. This is located in  /saves/


2) Use FTP Program to upload your world

a) Launch your Favorite FTP Client. In this case, we will be using FileZilla

b) Connect to your Minecraft server using the FTP Credentials found in your STIPE Control Panel (Under FTP Details)


c) Copy / Drag the world folder from your Computer to the Server (See Picture)

3) Activate / Set the world to start up on the server

a) Go back to the STIPE Control panel Servers Settings and click EXPRESS SETTINGS
b) Set the world name to the one you just uploaded
(OR you can edit file and set the world name from there)

4) Have fun!

a) When ready, start up your server and connect through Multiplayer instead of Single player!
b) Now show off your awesome world to your friends!
Title: Re: Uploading your single player world.
Post by: crazy on 14 May 2019, 15:20:58
Uploading a world (Express Tutorial)
1) All you need to do is zip up the custom map's folder (So if the world's folder name is MyWorld, zip that, not the inside)
2) Go to File Manger on your STIPE control panel
3) Drag the zipped file to File Manager and let it extract
4) Go to Express Settings section of the control panel and scroll all the way down to World Management, you should see your new world (eg MyWorld) that you uploaded there. Just activate and start server!