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Minecraft / Re: forge permissions
« Last post by TechMan on 11 March 2019, 14:03:42 »
By default only ops can use world edit. Next time for faster support create a ticket  ;)
Minecraft / forge permissions
« Last post by Wizz653 on 10 March 2019, 19:10:49 »
hey guys i have been going all out trying to get permissions to work for my forge server (custom mods) because it is forge i cannot use plugins and would like to know if anyone has made a server with worldedit and made it so no one can use worldedit apart from ops?
Minecraft / Permissions Plugins (Bukkit)
« Last post by crazy on 18 February 2019, 09:51:53 »
If you need to restrict or give access to only certain things to players, either its from other plugins or just general minecraft permissions, you are best to add a "Permissions system plugin" on your server.
Many plugins have a permissions list which you can then use on a permissions system plugin to restrict or give access to players.

There are a few permission system plugins you can use, but all require a bit of time allocated to learn how to use and troubleshoot.

List of common permission systems:

Widley used: PermissionsEx:
Note: Works on Minecraft 1.13 but not officially supported.

Recent and updated: LuckPerms -
Note: Official for v.1.13

Paid Plugin: UltraPermissions:
Note: There a paid plugin which uses the in-game interface to set up permissions - to some its much easier.

So for example, say you want WorldEdit to be restricted to only a few members, you first will need a list of all the permissions WorldEdit would support. You can google this but here is a list of WorldEdit's Permissions:
News and Updates / Re: More servers galore!
« Last post by TechMan on 10 February 2019, 16:36:20 »
Thats amazing! Been with Stipe for many years and plan to stay with them for even longer!
News and Updates / More servers galore!
« Last post by crazy on 05 February 2019, 10:39:19 »
STIPE Servers Australia has reached a new peak! We have blown records, highest player online count, server count, and network peak all while maintaining epic support and lowest waiting times!

We've upgraded many server boxes and added over 10 dedicated servers in just the last month.

We'd like to thank our customers who have put so much trust in us!

Much love <3
Minecraft / Re: How to give players EssentialsX Permissions? (eg /sethome)
« Last post by TechMan on 23 January 2019, 13:34:02 »
Great tutorial!
Minecraft / How to give players EssentialsX Permissions? (eg /sethome)
« Last post by crazy on 22 January 2019, 22:14:12 »
How to give players EssentialsX Permissions? (eg /sethome)

There are two ways to do this:
Option 1: Install a permissions system (LuckPerms, PermissionsEx, etc).  This is powerful method and allows you to set permissions for each player or group. BUT it's very complicated and you will have to spend time learning the system.

Option 2: The other option is the easy way, just edit the plugins/Essentials/config.yml file and set use-bukkit-permissions: false

This will activate up the "player-commands" section which is located in the same file and give permissions to all players based on the list in the "player-commands" section.
 You can remove a command that you don't want them to give, but that's all you can do. You can't set up groups.
General Talk / Happy 2019!
« Last post by TechMan on 01 January 2019, 00:18:58 »
My best wishes and good luck to you all in 2019
Server Support / Re: Dynmap for Minecraft Server
« Last post by TechMan on 07 November 2018, 08:18:32 »
Yes, but I recommend asking for a MySQL and hosting the files of the Dynmap from there to keep down on file sizes. Ask your support person in the tickets tab, they will be glad to help!
[edit: just noticed you said you sent a ticket!]
Server Support / Dynmap for Minecraft Server
« Last post by ohfurryone on 05 November 2018, 22:31:26 »
I was wondering if it would cause any issues if I hosted Dynmap on my server.

Edit: Suddenly needed this answered so I sent in a ticket, thanks.
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