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Minecraft / How to install Bukkit Plugins to your server
« Last post by crazy on 11 July 2019, 14:27:35 »
First convert your server to support plugins by installing Spigot Bukkit. If you have already done this, you can skip steps 1 and 2.

1) Go to PLUGINS and MODPACKs and click INSTALL for Spi-Got CraftBukkit 1.xx.xx (Make it the same version or bigger)

2) It will ask you if you want a Upgrade, or New install. Select UPGRADE so that you can keep your existing world

To complete the install, give the server a restart so it can convert your world and create the plugin folder.

Now to install plugins:

3a) BUKKIT CENTER Method - You can use our Bukkit Center to install plugins with a click. Go to Bukkit Center and look for the plugin you want and hit install for it.

3b) FILE MANAGER Method - Sometimes you won't find the plugin from Bukkit Center. Its easy to search for a plugin online (Just google it!) and then Download the JAR File, go to FILE MANAGER and into the PLUGINS folder. Just Drag and Drop the downloaded plugin from your PC right into file manager.

4) Thats it just start up the server.
Introduce yourself here / Re: Hey Everyone!
« Last post by TechMan on 05 July 2019, 08:58:49 »
Who isnt! You are going to love it here  ;)
Introduce yourself here / Hey Everyone!
« Last post by pinwazkev on 01 July 2019, 00:05:41 »
Hey guys, I just wanna say that me and my mates are having a really good time playing on the Minecraft server that we are getting hosted on here.
I also appreciate the awesome response time on my ticket the other day. Great Service, will definitely recommend the server to other people looking for a hosting solution.
Have a great day/night guys and keep up the amazing work!
News and Updates / Re: Minecraft 1.14.1 Released!
« Last post by crazy on 15 May 2019, 08:30:30 »
Here's a fun fact: The major developer of spigot is no other than an Australian from Melbourne and goes by the name md_5.

Everyone around the world relies on him to develop the latest release for Spigot, including 1.14.1.

Release shouldn't be too far away now!
News and Updates / Re: Minecraft 1.14.1 Released!
« Last post by TechMan on 14 May 2019, 21:21:59 »
Cant wait for the spigot release  ;D
Minecraft / Re: Uploading your single player world.
« Last post by crazy on 14 May 2019, 15:20:58 »
Uploading a world (Express Tutorial)
1) All you need to do is zip up the custom map's folder (So if the world's folder name is MyWorld, zip that, not the inside)
2) Go to File Manger on your STIPE control panel
3) Drag the zipped file to File Manager and let it extract
4) Go to Express Settings section of the control panel and scroll all the way down to World Management, you should see your new world (eg MyWorld) that you uploaded there. Just activate and start server!
News and Updates / Minecraft 1.14.1 Released!
« Last post by crazy on 13 May 2019, 23:27:22 »
Minecraft 1.14.1 is finally released fixing some major bugs and performance issues.

We thank Mojang for making this release so quick!

Although this release does not fix all performance related issues, it does make the game a lot more playable!

Update your servers now! For how to, see:

CraftBukkit Plugin support not yet released but will be soon!
Minecraft / Re: How to upgrade to Minecraft 1.14.1 Pre-Release 1
« Last post by TechMan on 08 May 2019, 19:38:01 »
Fingers crossed for better performance  :P
Minecraft / How to upgrade to Minecraft 1.14.3 Release
« Last post by crazy on 08 May 2019, 08:15:30 »
Here's how you can upgrade to Minecraft 1.14.3 Release for SERVER
Please Note: Minecraft 1.14+ is very RAM intensive. 1GB for new worlds, 1.5GB for existing is expected.

1) Stop server, Go to PLUGINS AND MODPACKS section of your control panel
2) Look for Minecraft 1.14.3 [Vanilla], and click INSTALL

If you want to upgrade your existing world, click upgrade.
We recommend that you start fresh, so New install is best. (If you click new Install, your existing world and build will be stored in a safe place for you to play later)
Minecraft / Re: How to upgrade to Minecraft 1.14
« Last post by TechMan on 24 April 2019, 20:22:32 »
Great tutorial, helped me out!
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