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Movies / Re: The Other Guys - Will Ferrell
« on: 17 October 2010, 17:01:31 »
just watched it.

Man I laughed out loud when "they didn't survive the jump" :P

great movie. The first 30 mins was pure comedy - but then it got too repetitive after that and got a bit slow but still backed it up with a few good parts.

Overall though great movie and worth watching. 7.5 out of 10

General Talk / Re: Suggestions for topics!
« on: 13 October 2010, 20:49:37 »
well ahead with it :)

Computers / Re: RIGamortus PC Stats
« on: 12 October 2010, 10:39:47 »
I would place stats of my PC but that would make people jealous - thus causing hatred and anger towards me - resulting in me being threatened of being attacked, which would cause an uproar amongst the community, leading to a world war 3 and end of mankind - So no I cannot place the specs of my PC.

General Talk / Re: STEAM Down
« on: 11 October 2010, 12:29:29 »
ohh right - I read it as 9am to 1am :P my bad. Thanks for the update polar

General Talk / Re: STEAM Down
« on: 11 October 2010, 11:28:58 »
Did it go down yet? My Steam is still working

General Talk / Re: Suggestions for topics!
« on: 08 October 2010, 21:40:39 »
oo really yo uhave a car that youwould like to show off?

Computers / Re: Where to buy PC Hardware from?
« on: 08 October 2010, 10:00:54 »
Well if your in victoria that may be the case :P

If your in Sydney then yea talk to Pepi first - otherwise I go


Don't use MSY unless you want ZERO service but the cheapest price. They never pick up phones and even the warrenty replacement process is a nightmare! But they have the cheapest parts you can find.

Also sometimes its not a good idea buying from a local PC shop unless you know their reputation is good. I once bought $4000 worth of parts from a local PC store.. 3 months later one of the parts died so I went to the store to get it replaced - only to find out the store is now a bottle shop and I have no means of getting my warrenty claimed now.

Pre-Sales and Questions / Re: STIPE Marketing
« on: 08 October 2010, 09:15:53 »
We actualy are listed on Whirlpool's Australian Game Server Providers and been getting some interests from there over the years.

But for the past 10 years, most of our marketing has been via word of mouth or people checking out our customer's servers and liking it.

We plan to place moderators in other forums to assist people searching for servers. Just currently building our gaming database to support a wide variety of games and finishing up our NEW community site. Won't be long now!

I have 3 with STIPE, a harem, they all give head. Best custom severs this side of Texas. Runs well, good rego, best custom mods you'll find anywhere in Australia | New Zealand.

There, had to be said.

All I need now is for Gabe to stop screwing with my head.

hahaha! Feel free to post the IP addresses of your servers here.  ;)

My STIPE Server! / How do you rate your server with STIPE so far?
« on: 07 October 2010, 17:10:06 »
This poll will expire after 1 month. Please rate your server - you can change your ratings anytime. Please leave comments too. Your results will help us understand how the servers are running for the month. We can take quick action if there are issues.

Server Support / For Urgent Support - Read this
« on: 07 October 2010, 17:00:53 »
These forums are not regulated for support.

For fastest possible response, please use SUPPORT section.

If you can't contact us via support, you can PM us from FACEBOOK :

General Talk / Re: Welcome to STIPE Community Forums!
« on: 07 October 2010, 14:08:09 »
Thanks :D Itís a very painful process of implementing single sign-on / integration between 2 systems.

Forums are synchronised with the control panel. So no need to create multiple accounts and if you need to change passwords you only need to do it once.

All I got left to do now is fix some little bugs here and there and fix up the forum skin a bit! Can't wait till it's 100% complete

General Talk / Welcome to STIPE Community Forums!
« on: 07 October 2010, 01:13:09 »
Welcome to the new STIPE Community forum.

Rules to be added here later. For now best practice is common sense.

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