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Creating Admins via SourceMod
« on: 09 June 2016, 05:24:27 »
How to add source mod admin

1) Get your SteamID (Not steam username).
The easiest way to get your Steam ID is to join to your game server, bring up the Console by pressing tilda "~". Type STATUS and press enter. Find and copy your STEAM ID. It looks like this: STEAM_ID:123:123123

2) Edit the Sourcemod admin file.
Express method: In STIPE Control panel for your server, click on Advanced Settings button Look for admins_simple.ini and click CONFIG button.
Manual method: Open File Manager/FTP to see your server files, navigate to the folder: csgo/addons/sourcemod/config/ and open the file: admin_simple.ini

3) Add your steam ID and permission level.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of this file and paste your  STEAM ID there. Add a "z" at the end (with space) to give you full admin.
"STEAM_ID:123:123123" "z"

save, restart server and done :)

You can now type adminmenu or sm_rcon <anycommand>
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