Author Topic: Creating a Lobby and World with portals  (Read 87 times)


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Creating a Lobby and World with portals
« on: 11 July 2022, 21:08:48 »
Requires: WorldEdit, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-portal, WorldGuard, VoidGen

Make sure you are an op, go to Ops and Whitelist section in the control panel and add your player character to Ops.

Lets create a void world for Lobby and import a schematic
Install all the plugins above to your server, including VoidGen:
Use Multiverse+VoidGen to create voidworld:
Code: [Select]
/mv create lobby NORMAL -g VoidGen -t FLAT
Create your own, or Download a pre-made lobby design (Eg: This one)
Import the lobby schematic: On STIPE Control Panel, go to File Manager and go to the folder: Plugins --> WorldEdit --> schematics
Drag and drop the downloaded schematic file
In Minecraft teleport to the lobby world
Code: [Select]
/mv tp lobbyImport Schematic (/schem load filename), say if your uploaded schematic was called: SummertimeSpawn.schem
Code: [Select]
/schem load SummertimeSpawn.schem
Creating Portals:
Open //wand, select portal area
/mvp create portal1

Go to destination. create and select another portal area with wand
/mvp create portal2

Now join the portals
portal1 --> portal2:
/mvp select portal1
/mvp modify dest p:portal2

portal2 --> portal1:
/mvp select portal2
/mvp modify dest p:portal1

Protect area from destruction using WorldGuard
Again, using //wand, select area you want to protect, eg portal area
Protect it with command:
Code: [Select]
/region define <area name>
/region define area1
/region define portalarea2
/region define bla

Set all protected areas from explosions:
Code: [Select]
/region flag __global__ tnt deny
/region flag __global__ creeper-explosion deny
/region flag __global__ other-explosion deny
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