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GeyserMC and Foodgate now have a built-in whitelist feature. Hence a 3rd party plugin is no longer required

If you are using JAVA+BEDROCK Combo (Geyser), as Bedrock does not have same UUID capability as Java edition, the vanilla Java whitelist functionality which comes built-in with minecraft will not work with bedrock players.

So you should leave default whitelist feature off or no bedrock players will be able to join. Instead, you will need to use a plugin that can handle this for both Java and Bedrock.

We provide EasyWhitelist as part of the Geyser package which you can enable and use. But you can use whatever one you like.

1. Turn off Vanilla Whitelist
2. Do /easywl add <Your Name>
3. Turn on whitelist: /easywl on


Example Commands to type in CONSOLE section of the control panel:

To add player to whitelist for JAVA players:
easywl add playername

To add player to whitelist for BEDROCK players:
easywl add .playername   (Note the dot in front of the name)

Example: If the player is joining from a Bedrock edition, and his player name is: steve
Command would be:
easywl add .steve

More information about EasyWhitelist:
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