Author Topic: How to: Set game modes for players (survival, creative...)  (Read 451 times)


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Minecraft comes with several game modes. The most popular ones are Survival and Creative.

NOTE: You can initially set the server game mode from either the file, Express Settings section, or using the defaultgamemode command. Once players join however, any changes you make in the settings will not apply to those existing players (except new players). You will need to use the gamemode command instead to make changes to existing players.

You can enter commands from In-Game with Ops permission, or via the Console section of the control panel.

To set everyone to Survival:
Code: [Select]
In-game: /gamemode survival
Console: gamemode survival

To set everyone to Creative:
Code: [Select]
In-game: /gamemode creative
Console: gamemode creative

To set only a single player:
If player name is "bob123"
Code: [Select]
In-game: /gamemode creative bob123
Console: gamemode creative bob123

NOTE: The commands above are case sensitive make sure you enter as above (lowercase)

Here are all possible game modes (As vanilla):

  • survival - standard mode of play, craft and collect blocks from the world, take damage and upon death drops all items.
  • creative - unlimited blocks, unlimited items, unlimted health, instant break any blocks, and you can fly
  • adventure - similar to survival, but can't break and modify blocks without the correct permissions. Best for exploration purposes
  • hardcore - survival mode but with difficulty set to hard mode. Once player dies, he cannot respawn in that world. Must start a new world
  • spectator - player cannot interact with the world. Only watch and fly through anywhere. Other mode players cannot see spectators.
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Re: How to: Set game modes for players (survival, creative...)
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I did not know you could do the whole server at once. The more you know xD