Author Topic: The GeyserMC Solution, a JAVA+BEDROCK Hybird  (Read 1565 times)


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The GeyserMC Solution, a JAVA+BEDROCK Hybird
« on: 19 August 2020, 08:29:17 »
GeyserMC is a plugin for your java server to allow bedrock players to join the same java server.
It works by using clever translation of network data.  Without bedrock client even knowing its joining a java server.

The Result? Both players from Bedrock and Java editions can interact and play. What's even more, you can still add and use almost any spigot plugins to enhance your game play. Something that other editions of bedrock are limited with. This makes it far superior than any other bedrock edition server.

We at STIPE Servers Australia fully support this plugin and have implemented it into the control panel for you to install (You can find it in the Installer and Modpacks section)

Some things you should know which impact Bedrock players:
  • This is still in experimental development stages, so you might find a few bugs and although its not recommended for production use, it is still used by many
  • To avoid character name conflicts all bedrock players join with an asterisks * in front of their name
    So if you need to execute commands for that character, you would do with with the *
  • default whitelist feature does not work and should be disabled. If you need to use whitelist, we recommend easywhitelist plugin (now included the package) for tutorial see here:

    Another good plugin: (instead of whitelist, you can use ban system)
    (Note: When adding a whitelist user for bedrock, don't forget to add the asterisks * in front of their name)
  • There are some bugs which are still being sorted with this solution. For example, for bedrock edition, crafting recipes auto fill might glitch once in a while. But updates are constantly being made to it.
  • Animals and Mobs still work great and seem to be fully functional with just minor differences for bedrock

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Re: The GeyserMC Solution, a JAVA+BEDROCK Hybird
« Reply #1 on: 02 June 2021, 11:09:49 »
Note also that you should edit the Geyser config.yml to reflect the Bedrock ip and port listed in your settings page. Compatible with PC and mobile versions of Bedrock. Consoles might be more of a challenge.

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