Author Topic: Managing multiple Minecraft installs with Game Profiles Management  (Read 3881 times)


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When you want to try a new modpack or a different version of Minecraft but you don't want to lose or corrupt your existing world and modpack or you just want to ensure a nice clean install, use the Game Profile Management!

The cool things about this feature:
  • Preserves your existing data
  • Gives you a clean workspace to work with
  • Prevents any mod conflicts from previous installs
  • Prevents corruption of your old worlds
  • Saves you a lot of time from troubleshooting any conflicts from any leftover files
  • Allows you to install multiple modpacks and easily switch between them
  • No limits on the number of profiles! Go crazy!
  • Many more benefits!....

How to To create a new profile:
  • In the Server Control Panel Settings, go to ADVANCED SETTINGS

  • Scroll down to Game Profiles Management
  • Name a new profile (anything you like, but keep it short)

  • Then click ACTIVATE on the new profile.
  • (This will move all your existing data to a safe place, giving you a nice blank space to work with.)

  • Now you can install your new modpack! Go to ADDONS and PLUGINS section and install away!

If you have any problems contact our support from the support section. We will gladly assist

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