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Game Modes & Commands
« on: 11 June 2014, 22:46:15 »
Types of Game Modes:

Description for game modes can be found HERE

  • survival  or "s" or "0"
  • creative or "c" or "1"
  • adventure or "a" or "2"
  • spectator or "sp" or "3"

defaultgamemode <mode>  - Sets the game mode for all new players who join for the first time.
gamemode <mode> <player name (optional)> - changes the game mode for existing player or players. For more info, see: How to: Set game modes for players

Code: [Select]
defaultgamemode survival
gamemode creative
gamemode creative bob123

Typing the above in console sets the default game mode.
New players that join the world will be put into the default game mode; i.e., if the default game mode is creative, new players will start in creative

Notes: player must currently be online to apply the game mode on that player
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