Author Topic: Can't connect to minecraft - "End of Stream" Error  (Read 8147 times)


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Can't connect to minecraft - "End of Stream" Error
« on: 05 January 2012, 08:18:29 »
End of Stream Error means that your server isn't accepting communications. This generally occurs when your server has failed to start up due to an error.

Possible causes:


Server is switched off - your server may actually be turned off. Please go to the control panel and click START to start your server.

Server definitely switched ON?
Check the RAM usage of your server. If it doesn't go beyond 150MB of RAM then check the following:


a) World or Config Corruption - This is the most common issue - to test, try changing your world name to something else and restart your server. If your server starts working again then you know your map is corrupted. Our specialised minecraft team can attempt to recover your corrupted map. Simply send a ticket and let us know the world name you would like to recover. The other issue can be a configuration file error, such as whitelist.json or ops.json. If the formatting of these files are not correct, your server will crash. You can check to see if this is the case by looking at the CONSOLE or server LOGS - the error should say "". Try to correct the files or remove all contents in the files and restart server.

b) Faulty Plugin - If you have tested the above, try disabling all your plugins. To do this, turn OFF your server. Login to your server Files via FTP or FileExplorer. Find and Rename the PLUGINS folder to something else. (eg, plugins_disabled). Start your server and try connecting.

c) Still no good? Submit a ticket for further investigation. If the above fails and your RAM is still under 150MB, please submit a ticket so we can inspect it further.


RAM Usage greater than 150MB? This means your server is running and there could be another issue.
Please check your firewall settings. Can your friends connect to your server? If you are still having issues please submit a ticket for further investigation

This documentation to be updated

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