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Minecraft Server FAQ - SALES
« on: 03 July 2011, 17:27:23 »
When will my server be ready?
We have automated the installation process! As soon as the payment is made, the system will choose the best box for you and create your server there. Most customers are up and going within 5 mins of purchase!

How much RAM do I need?
We recommend that all customers start with 1GB of RAM - for 5 to 10 player server.
There is no extact way of knowing how much RAM your server will use though. It all depends on the size of your map (how far people have explored), how much is built, and number of plugins installed.
As your map gets bigger and busier, the more ram you will need.

How will I know when I need more RAM?
The control panel tells you the amount of ram your server is using. Somtimes the guage will display that it's using all of the ram but nevertheless it will still have plenty of "GAPS" to fill in. The best time to know when your out of ram is when your server begins to respond slowly to actions and blocks and the RAM meter is beyond the limit (eg used up 1.2GB out of 1GB allocated)

How is the server hosted? (eg VPS or Dedicated Server?)
Your minecraft server is hosted on a shared Dedicated Server within a well monitored and contained environment - These servers are fully tweaked providing solid performance and stability 24hrs / 7days.

What comes with my server preinstalled?
We have the latest CraftBukkit Preinstalled on your server as well as plenty of other plugins that can be installed with our express installer. (You can also easily switch to vanilla in the ADDONs section of the control panel.) We also have the following default plugins preinstalled: General, Backup
NOTE: General plugin changes the default commands for the server - but they are in some way, much better and quicker. Please see the commands for General mod HERE

How can I cancel my server?
Just do nothing and your server will close when the next payment is due - you do not need to contact us - we will not run after you with a diamond sword demanding for money.
More information:
STIPE does not automatically charge your credit card. For each payment period you will need to manually pay for the server to resume. If you do not pay, it will automatically suspend. Your server files are kept intact for 30 days should you wish to return later.

Can I upload my own Minecraft_server.jar?
Yes! You have full FTP access to the server allowing you to install your own minecraft server files.

Isn't there a security issue for letting others run their own minecraft_server.jar?
STIPE always puts security first but also understands that customers need flexibility - For your peace of mind, each minecraft server runs under a well configured security sandbox. Preventing your minecraft_server.jar from being hijacked (even by other customers) or doing damage to the server.
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