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News and Updates / Re: Major server upgrades 5950x and more!
« Last post by Techman on 20 July 2021, 20:05:17 »
I can't wait to try to test the limits of the 5950x, the possibilities will be endless! The budget plan customers will not be missing out with the 3950x, that was the first CPU that genuinely impressed me with its Minecraft server performance. I struggled to ever get it below 20tps 8)
Minecraft / Kill entities in server
« Last post by crazy on 19 July 2021, 08:49:11 »
Did you accidently spawn a million cats? Farm out of control and now need to clean it up?
Sometimes you need to remove a large amount of entities which have taken over your world. Removing one by one can be difficult so here are commands you can type in-game (as an op) or in the console of the control panel

For Minecraft 1.13 or greater (1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18)

Kill all sheep:
Code: [Select]
/kill @e[type=sheep]
Kill all cows:
Code: [Select]
/kill @e[type=cow]
Kill everything but players:
Code: [Select]
/kill @e[type=!player]
Kill everything but players and items (like armor stands)
Code: [Select]
/kill @e[type=!player,type=!item]
Kill everything but players, items, and villagers
Code: [Select]
/kill @e[type=!player,type=!item,type=!villager]
NOTE: If you are typing the above in the console, type it without the / in the start
Some minor updates:
Added 2 domains which can be used for connecting to your minecraft server

Our Custom CurseForge installer now supports modpacks created for Fabric servers (previously only Forge was supported, now both are).  Any modpacks you create using CurseForge can be installed with ease regardless if Forge or Fabric!
News and Updates / Major server upgrades 5950x and more!
« Last post by crazy on 08 July 2021, 12:14:19 »
Our biggest server overhaul is here!

Updated 25/08/2021:
We now have multiple Ryzen 5950x running live with exceptional results! These premium servers pack a punch and over the next month we will have merged all existing premium customers to this amazing CPU!

Also big news for budget plan customers: You'll will be happy to know we are in the process of upgrading your CPUs with the new AMD EPYC 3rd Gen CPUs and ex-premium 3950x over the next few weeks! These may not be as powerful as 5950x but far better than current CPUs.

And as always, no overloading and no over crowding. Both Budget and Premium clients have their own dedicated resources for guaranteed 100% disruption free gaming!

Minecraft / How to update to a newer release of Spi-got 1.17
« Last post by sirjorge on 14 June 2021, 12:19:46 »
How to update your Spi-got Minecraft 1.17 Java to a newer release using the STIPE Control Panel

1) Stop server and go to INSTALLER AND MODPACKS section of your control panel

2) Look for Spi-Got CraftBukkit 1.17 Old to confirm you have the old version installed, then and click INSTALL for Spi-Got CraftBukkit 1.17

3) It will ask you if you want a New installation or Upgrade existing. In this case you want to upgrade existing
Minecraft / Re: Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs P1 is out!
« Last post by crazy on 09 June 2021, 23:42:16 »
I don't think higher demanding has ever stopped Stipe before, Crazy always has something in his back pocket ;)

We've tweaked it even further today. Still more can be done - the fixes we made should be fixed by Mojang so its playable for everyone else. We will be sending them a report. Hopefully they release it on 1.17.1  :)
Minecraft / Re: Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs P1 is out!
« Last post by Techman on 09 June 2021, 12:53:59 »
I don't think higher demanding has ever stopped Stipe before, Crazy always has something in his back pocket ;)
News and Updates / Re: Our Ryzen 9 5900x CPUs now live!
« Last post by Techman on 09 June 2021, 12:46:35 »
It just keeps getting better :o
Minecraft / Re: The GeyserMC Solution, a JAVA+BEDROCK Hybird
« Last post by Vardogr on 02 June 2021, 11:09:49 »
Note also that you should edit the Geyser config.yml to reflect the Bedrock ip and port listed in your settings page. Compatible with PC and mobile versions of Bedrock. Consoles might be more of a challenge.

Minecraft / FTP World Upload
« Last post by Vardogr on 02 June 2021, 09:03:29 »
What is the recommended way to upload a world save via FTP? I noticed the worlds create three separate folders with suffixes _nether and _the_end. How do I need to break up the normal save folder to populate these separate folders? Or can I upload a zip file and have world management take care of the subfolders? The world is too large to upload through the control panel.

Edit: Never mind, figured it out.

Step 1) FTP > Upload zip file to root folder
Step 2) In Stipe control panel File Manager extract the zip file

It didn't create the separate folders but I tested the world and it doesn't seem to matter.

Edit 2: It did create the separate folders after I went on the server and tested it.
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