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News and Updates / Minecraft 1.19.2 update released!
« on: 06 August 2022, 13:35:35 »
Minecraft 1.19.2 update has been released.

This is a urgent fix for Minecraft 1.19.1

  • Fixed an issue causing players to get disconnected with secure chat
  • Fixed a crash in the social interactions screen

STIPE Customers should follow our update guide to Minecraft 1.19.2

Update is recommended for Minecraft Java editions. Bedrock edition is not affected.

Minecraft / Creating a Lobby and World with portals
« on: 11 July 2022, 21:08:48 »
Requires: WorldEdit, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-portal, WorldGuard, VoidGen

Make sure you are an op, go to Ops and Whitelist section in the control panel and add your player character to Ops.

Lets create a void world for Lobby and import a schematic
Install all the plugins above to your server, including VoidGen:
Use Multiverse+VoidGen to create voidworld:
Code: [Select]
/mv create lobby NORMAL -g VoidGen -t FLAT
Create your own, or Download a pre-made lobby design (Eg: This one)
Import the lobby schematic: On STIPE Control Panel, go to File Manager and go to the folder: Plugins --> WorldEdit --> schematics
Drag and drop the downloaded schematic file
In Minecraft teleport to the lobby world
Code: [Select]
/mv tp lobbyImport Schematic (/schem load filename), say if your uploaded schematic was called: SummertimeSpawn.schem
Code: [Select]
/schem load SummertimeSpawn.schem
Creating Portals:
Open //wand, select portal area
/mvp create portal1

Go to destination. create and select another portal area with wand
/mvp create portal2

Now join the portals
portal1 --> portal2:
/mvp select portal1
/mvp modify dest p:portal2

portal2 --> portal1:
/mvp select portal2
/mvp modify dest p:portal1

Protect area from destruction using WorldGuard
Again, using //wand, select area you want to protect, eg portal area
Protect it with command:
Code: [Select]
/region define <area name>
/region define area1
/region define portalarea2
/region define bla

Set all protected areas from explosions:
Code: [Select]
/region flag __global__ tnt deny
/region flag __global__ creeper-explosion deny
/region flag __global__ other-explosion deny

Minecraft v1.19.2 is here!

Question: How do I upgrade from 1.19.1?
Answer: See this link for installation instructions.

Question: Will my existing world work?
Answer: Yes, after installing 1.19.2, older worlds will automatically be updated upon starting the server. You will not be able to revert back to an older version after this step. (the backup section of the control panel can revert your server back to before you made the update)

Question: Will my plugins work?
Answer: This depends on when Spigot is released. Also note, your plugins itself might need to be updated to support newer version of Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.19.2 Release updates:
  • Java Vanilla Edition - Good to go!
  • Bedrock Vanilla Edition - Update not required
  • Java Spigot - Good to go!
  • Java Spigot PaperMC - Good to go!
  • Java+Bedrock Combo Edition -  Good to go!

News and Updates / Minecraft 1.19 is here!
« on: 29 May 2022, 07:03:42 »
Minecraft 1.19 is finally here!

See Minecraft 1.19 complete update status for further updates.

STIPE Server Australia have thoroughly tested and performance tuned Minecraft 1.19 and are happy to announce it is ready to go! Existing customers will need to update to 1.19 via the STIPE control panel

Some amazing new features include:
  • swamp trees
  • mud
  • frogs
  • chest boat
  • ancient cities
  • dark biomes
  • lighting enchantments
  • echo shard
and much more!

Minecraft 1.18.2 is now released!

We have deployed Server Hosting for Minecraft 1.18.2!

Question: How do I upgrade from 1.18.1? Will my existing world work?
Answer: See this link for installation instructions. It will also upgrade your existing world from 1.18.1 to 1.18.2 upon starting the server

Question: Will my plugins work?
Answer: Yes, you can now install Spigot 1.18.2 for plugin support. Ensure all plugins are updated to support 1.18+

Minecraft 1.18.2 Release Dates:
  • Java Vanilla Edition - Released!
  • Bedrock Vanilla Edition - Released!
  • Java Spigot - Released!
  • Java Spigot PaperMC - Released!
  • Java+Bedrock Combo Edition - Released!

Minecraft 1.18.1 is now released!

We have deployed Server Hosting for Minecraft 1.18.1!

Question: How do I upgrade from 1.18? Will my existing world work?
Answer: See this link for installation instructions. It will also upgrade your world from 1.18 to 1.18.1 upon starting the server

Question: Will my plugins work?
Answer: You can install Spigot 1.18.1 for plugin support, however ensure all plugins you install have support for 1.18. Older plugins may cause your server to crash or have memory leaks.

Minecraft 1.18.1 Release Dates:
  • Java Vanilla Edition - Released!
  • Bedrock Vanilla Edition - Released!
  • Java Spigot - Released!
  • Java Spigot PaperMC - Released!
  • Java+Bedrock Combo Edition - Released!

Minecraft / Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2 is LIVE!
« on: 08 November 2021, 11:15:08 »
Minecraft 1.18 is now released!

We are happy to announce that Minecraft 1.18 server hosting with STIPE Servers Australia is performing great!

Question: How do I upgrade from 1.17? Will my existing world work?
Answer: See this link for installation instructions. It will also upgrade your world from 1.17 to 1.18 upon starting the server

Question: Will my plugins work?
Answer: Gray area, Spigot has been released but its still in very early stages. We don't recommend installing it until plugin developers have had a chance to update for 1.18. We also recommend waiting for Non-Experimental release of Spigot PaperMC which will be far more stable. You are welcome to try and can install it from the Installer and Modpack section, but expect some bugs or crashes.

Minecraft 1.18 Part 2 Release Dates:
  • Java Vanilla Edition - Released!
  • Java Spigot - Released!
  • Java Spigot PaperMC - Released! (Experimental)
  • Bedrock Vanilla Edition - Released!
  • Java+Bedrock Combo Edition - Released!

Minecraft / How to update to a newer release of Spi-got 1.19.2
« on: 14 June 2021, 12:19:46 »
Updated on: 06/08/2022
How to update your Spi-got Minecraft 1.19.2 Java to a newer release using the STIPE Control Panel

1) Stop server and go to INSTALLER AND MODPACKS section of your control panel

2) Look for Spi-Got CraftBukkit 1.19 Old to confirm you have the old version installed, then and click INSTALL for Spi-Got CraftBukkit 1.19.2

3) It will ask you if you want a New installation or Upgrade existing. In this case you want to upgrade existing

Pre-Sales and Questions / Questions? Ask here!
« on: 30 March 2021, 01:58:45 »
Feel free to ask any questions or discuss about our services here. (No need to register on this forum,  you can use the new discussion system below)

You may also wish to check out our FAQ page:

Minecraft / Dynmap/BlueMap port and domains
« on: 25 March 2021, 18:39:59 »
Do you support Dynmap/BlueMap?

Yes! We support both. You can install it from Bukkit Plugins section or upload the jar.

What is my Dynmap/BlueMap port?

Dynmap/BlueMap port is automatically assigned for your server when you install the plugin and start your server.
You will see the port in Express Settings --> Server Address section of the control panel.

The control panel will automatically edit the configs for you, so just restart server and go!

Custom Domains for Dynmap:

We now support custom domains on Dynmap so you don't have to type the IP address and Port.  You can choose our domain and set any subdomain you like or use your own registered domain.

We are currently building an automated feature in the control panel so you can set it easily like you can already for the server address.

For now, just contact us via support and let us know what domain you would like set.

News and Updates / Minecraft 1.16 is just around the corner!
« on: 16 June 2020, 07:18:44 »
With the recent release of Minecraft 1.16 Pre-release 6, 7 .. 8, we are just a few away from the final! (Expected Release date: 23/06/2020)

Rest assured we have been testing the release thoroughly and happy to announce STIPE Servers have been optimised and capable of running Minecraft 1.16 at full performance!

Are you ready for Minecraft 1.16 Nether update?

Here is how you can enable coordinates in a Bedrock Server:

You can either go to the CONSOLE section of the control panel and type:

Code: [Select]
gamerule showcoordinates true

Or if you have Ops, you can type the command in-game

Code: [Select]
/gamerule showcoordinates true

What about your Java Editions?:

In Java Edition, pressing F3(or Fn+F3 on Macs and some laptops or Alt+Fn+F3 on newer Macs) brings up a debug screen which also gives the player's current coordinates.

News and Updates / We're 100% Coronavirus Free :)
« on: 17 March 2020, 08:25:33 »

With the coronavirus out and about, people staying locked in their homes, life can be a bit boring.... look at the bright side, more minecraft!

STIPE wishes everyone to have a safe, coronavirus free stay-at-home-life!

For all our safety, we have now temporarily closed our Sydney office and have advised all staff to work from home.

What does this mean for you? Our staff no longer have access to nerf guns, so greater support response times for you!  ;D And thanks to our remote management system, we're able to provide support and continue running your servers without any impact to your service.

Its business as usual and we have plenty of stock for everyone!

Minecraft / Adding Resource Pack (Texture pack) to a server
« on: 15 March 2020, 10:53:26 »
How to add Resource Pack (Texture pack) to a server:

You need to upload the resource pack to a website with a direct download link (if you give us the file we can load it on our download servers for you - contact support)

Then you paste that link into your file where it says resource-pack:

Note that the ":" and "=" characters need to be escaped with backslash (\), e.g. http\://\=somevalue

Final outcome should look like this:

General Talk / Happy 2020!
« on: 22 January 2020, 08:39:34 »
Better late then never!  8)

Updated on: 06/08/2022
Here's how you can update to Minecraft 1.19.2 JAVA or BEDROCK Release using the STIPE Control Panel

1) Stop server and go to INSTALLER AND MODPACKS section of your control panel

2) JAVA EDITION: Look for Minecraft 1.19.2 [Vanilla] and click INSTALL

(Alternatively you can install Spi-Got Bukkit 1.19.2 for plugin support)
BEDROCK EDITION: Look for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.1 and click INSTALL

3) If you want to upgrade your existing world, click upgrade.
We recommend that you start fresh, so New install is best. (If you click new Install, your existing world and build will be stored in a safe place for you to play later)

News and Updates / Minecraft v1.15 Buzzy Bee Update is almost here!
« on: 02 December 2019, 07:46:09 »
Hey craft'ers!

Minecraft v1.15 Buzzy Bee Update is just around the corner with set to be released on December 10, 2019!

If you can't wait, you can try out the Pre-Release which is ready to go in our control panel.

This update also brings about a ton of performance and bug fixes!

You can stop Creeper and other Mob Greifing by typing the following command:
/gamerule mobGriefing false

(don't use the slash / if typing in console)

There is no command to stop TNT Explosions for Java edition. The following only for BEDROCK edition which is /gamerule tntExplodes false

News and Updates / RL Craft time!
« on: 18 September 2019, 05:34:03 »
Our Modpack mention of the month: RL Craft!

Ready for some ultimate fun? Or frustration? This is Minecraft in a whole different perspective! Take your vanilla minecraft and throw it away as this is real life, dragons, random spawns, falling trees which kill..

We highly recommend checking out some tutorials on youtube before getting stuck into this one!
(No its not a bug that you can't chop trees with your bare hands any more!)
(Its also not a bug that you can't pickup items from the ground by simply walking over them)

As always, the modpack is tweaked and ready to install from the Plugins and Modpack section! Happy crafting!

Minecraft / Server Overloaded?
« on: 13 September 2019, 07:58:02 »
We are currently adding a feature to help identify when you server is overloading and causes for it. This will help with keeping a smooth lag free server!

Common Lag Issues:
Server Engine Thread Overloaded
Server Engine Thread is the brain of Minecraft, when the “brain” is overloaded, everything starts to lag.
Unfortunately, the Server Engine Thread is only single cpu core support. Your server has 32 cpu cores assigned which works well when you have lots of players as this is multi-threaded (Also explains why your server CPU goes above 100% - this is normal!) But Entity control such as Animals/Mobs, Chunk Loading/Generation and Chunk Manipulation are all tied to the Server Engine Thread which is single threaded only (Sad face!), this is the way Minecraft was developed for technical reasons.

Today’s most powerful CPU’s are built for more cores rather than a single core with more power. Both Intel/AMD have taken this approach. STIPE Servers Australia have pick CPU’s that have the highest single core available in the market while also keeping a high core count so you can have more players and more mobs and less lag! But even with today’s most powerful CPU we can find, it has its limits per core, and that that means you are limited to how many animals and mobs can roam around the server. Mojang have not come up with a way to make this multi-threaded yet, so until then we must tweak our servers and maintain a balance. This is where STIPE comes in! We have amazing tools to help identify the cause of overloaded Server Thread and help resolve it. Just contact us!

News and Updates / Seasons Greetings!
« on: 22 December 2017, 16:34:15 »
We hope you all have a great Christmas holiday and happy new year!

Our support team will be online these holidays!

News and Updates / Minecraft THE EXPLORATION UPDATE v1.11
« on: 15 November 2016, 23:23:41 »
Minecraft v1.11 is finally out! Titled: THE EXPLORATION UPDATE
Customers may install/update to the latest version easily by going into the Control Panel --> Addons and Plugins section.

Release Status:
Minecraft Vanilla 1.11: Ready in Control Panel!
CraftBukkit 1.11: Ready in Control Panel!
SpiGot  1.11: Ready in Control Panel!
Forge 1.11: Ready in Control Panel!

Details of the changes can be found HERE

Minecraft / Installing a Forge Server manually
« on: 10 September 2016, 09:32:43 »
How to install Forge on any server

This tutorial covers how to manually install Forge on a server. (If you don't want to use our built-in Installer from Plugins and Modpack section)

Summary: You need to install forge server files on your PC and then upload those files to the server.

1) Download Forge Installer on your PC
Go to forge website: and select the version and build you want and click the Installer (Or installer-win)

*don't upload this installer file on to the server! It won't work like that!*

2) Run the installer - Now go to the downloaded file and run it. (Double click). What you'll see is another downloader/installer program. This will actually download the forge server files for you on to your PC.

3) Install Server files to a empty folder - After running the program select: INSTALL SERVER and then change the install path to a easily accessible location. Don't use the default.
Click on

4) Upload the installed files to your server.

Now just upload all the files to your server via FTP or similar file transfer method.

With STIPE, we recommend the following method:

Zip all the files and go to the FILE MANAGER section on the STIPE Control Panel.

Now drag and drop in the ZIP file from yoru PC to the File Manager and extract!

Finally, go back to the control panel and change the server JAR startup file to the forge jar file you uploaded.

5) Start up server!

Now you can stop server and upload your custom mods in the mods folder! Happy Crafting!

Feels like too much to handle? Just give us a yell in the support section and we can install it for you!
OR the version you are looking for might already be in the Plugins and Modpack section. Just install with a CLICK!

Recent update from steam now requires all CSGO Server Operators to register their server under their Steam account & phone number.
This is used to tackle banned addons and customisations being installed on the server but it does introduce new methods for players finding your server easily even on the event of an IP address change.

Note: Banned addons include any mods or plugins which will change the look or style of your weapons. Even if its changing the colour of it. So don't install it or you'd need to get yourself a new phone number!

To get listed the process is easy.
1) Create a Steam Game Server Account  login token for CSGO (730) by clicking HERE

2a) Copy the token and paste it into your STIPE Control Panel  under EXPRESS SETTINGS: Steam Login Token.

-- OR --
2b) If you want to do it manually, there are 2 options:
Place the following cvar in your /cfg/autoexec.cfg file:
sv_setsteamaccount <login_token>
Place the following cvar in your command line options:
+sv_setsteamaccount <login_token>

3) Restart server and away you go!

News and Updates / 4 more boxes up and running!
« on: 03 November 2015, 11:06:22 »
Another record has been broken! STIPE has added 4 more server boxes to its existing massive collection over the past month! Making this our largest server count ever!

STIPE is the only hosting company that has kept its resource limits to < 60% loaded on every box in the last 15 years!

Happy customers = Happy STIPE!

We thank our customers for their continued trust in STIPE!

News and Updates / What's cooking with STIPE?
« on: 18 October 2015, 22:32:06 »
Hate it when you've messed up your configs? Or somebody greifed your world? OR Maybe you did it your self? :)

Thing is, accidents do happen. Thankfully STIPE already has an amazing backup solution to revert back to any hour as needed. As a matter of fact, STIPE performs an average of 410 reverses a month! (Now that's a lot of rages saved)

Currently, STIPE performs the reverse on behalf of the customer, but this is about to change. Soon, customers be able to reverse their server themselves to any hour in the past with just a click of a button!

 No need to put up a ticket! You could purposely grief your server or test that massive TNT and simply reverse back over and over.

Feature coming soon in 5 days!
UPDATE: Feature is now complete!! Happy going back in time!

Minecraft / Add a Minecraft Server Icon
« on: 09 October 2015, 20:51:56 »
Here is how to add a Minecraft Server icon.

You need to upload a PNG file that's 64x64 pixels in size and is called: server-icon.png

Here is an easy way to make your own icon using an existing image in your computer:

1. CONVERT: If your picture is not 64x64, convert it first. We love this website tool which does it easily:
2. DOWNLOAD: Once your picture is converted and selected as 64x64 pixels. Click the "Download: PNG" to download and save it to your computer.
3. UPLOAD: Upload the PNG file using the FILE MANAGER section of the control panel. Don't put it in any folder. Just place it right at the root of your server files.
4. RENAME: Finally, using file manager rename the file to: "server-icon.png" as shown below.
5. RESTART: Restart server!

News and Updates / Dev Updates for Minecraft
« on: 03 October 2015, 09:29:16 »
Hi all! We've done some minor improvments to the minecraft servers as follows:
  • Minecraft servers now properly executes the STOP command when turning off a server so no data is lost
  • Start and Stop are now significantly faster to execute
  • Improved speed of installing and updating modpacks
  • Several auto fixes added for less human work and more fun. (Eg auto FML confirm during updates)

News and Updates / So many updates!!
« on: 22 May 2015, 22:42:39 »
Over the past month we have added and updated over 110 Minecraft Modpacks and installed many more as per customer request.

The list is too big to mention here but here is a quick summary:

Minecraft updated to 1.8.5, these are mainly some security and bug fixes. Game-play has not changed since 1.8 release. Those who are on older versions of 1.8 vanilla we recommend you head on over to the addons section and click the install button for 1.8.5.

AtLaucnher, Tekkit,and Feed The Beast Updates in the past week:

Atlauncher Natural Magic 0.8.1
Feed The Beast Pathfinder 1.0.3
Tekkit Mianite 1.2.1RC1
minecraft version 1.8 forge 1334
minecraft version 1.7.10 forge 1403
Feed The Beast Infinity 1.5.1
Atlauncher Skyfactory_2.4
Feed The Beast direwolf20 1.7.10 1.3.1
Atlauncher ResonantRise
Feedthebeast AgrarianSkiesHQ 3.1.2
Crazy Craft 2.2
essentialspack 2x 28.04 snap spigot
feedthebeast Regrowth 0.7.4
tekkit 1.7.10 Pack 0.7.6c
feedthebeast MagicWorld2 1.1.2
... list goes on and on.....

And of course, if your modpack isn't listed in our mods section. Simply let us know and in a matter of a few mins we will add it in the list for everyone to install!
(Or you could try installing it your self if you want! There are no restrictions! You have full access to your server files just like it was your own)

Control Panel Updates:
Added more options in the Easy Config section to allow you to edit more common settings on the fly!
Added Server Icon Selector and Uploader - If you don't know how to use FTP.. or can't be bothered :)

CSGO Updates:
Warmod updated to support latest release of CSGO.

Happy Gaming!

News and Updates / Off with his IP!!!
« on: 30 March 2015, 00:39:30 »
Tired of giving that long IP address:port to your friends whenever you want them to join your Minecraft server?

No more! Introducing by STIPE! It's a quicker and easier way to join a minecraft server. is the new "IP address" for all STIPE owned Minecraft servers! Simply specify what sub name you want in the control panel, example: fred to create the server address:

And that's it! No long numbers to remember, just tell your friends to connect to "" and it will auto translate!

Happy Crafting!

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