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Title: Minecraft v1.19.2 complete update status
Post by: sirjorge on 06 June 2022, 11:55:38
Minecraft v1.19.2 is here!

Question: How do I upgrade from 1.19.1?
Answer: See this link ( for installation instructions.

Question: Will my existing world work?
Answer: Yes, after installing 1.19.2, older worlds will automatically be updated upon starting the server. You will not be able to revert back to an older version after this step. (the backup section of the control panel can revert your server back to before you made the update)

Question: Will my plugins work?
Answer: This depends on when Spigot is released. Also note, your plugins itself might need to be updated to support newer version of Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.19.2 Release updates:
Title: Re: Minecraft v1.19 complete update status
Post by: Techman on 17 June 2022, 12:28:17
Initial builds of Paper for 1.19 are now available ;)